When a Death Occurs

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When a death occurs at home
When a death occurs unexpectedly at home, the ambulance service should be called to attend. You may, however, have been expecting the death, in which case, call your family doctor to attend. The doctor should verify the death and should be able to write a Medical Death Certificate. If your doctor is unavailable then a locum could possibly attend – the phone number should be available on your Medical Clinic’s after-hours phone service.

Once an ambulance or doctor has attended, you may then call the funeral director of your choice to make arrangements to take the deceased person into their care. 

When a death occurs in a hospital or nursing home
When a death occurs in a hospital or nursing home, the staff will make the necessary arrangements for a doctor to attend. If you provide staff with the details of your preferred funeral director, the staff will contact them to make arrangements for the deceased person to go into their care.

When the Coroner is involved
Where a death has occurred suddenly as a result of an accident, homicide, suicide or other unexpected circumstance, or if the doctor is unsure as to the cause of death, the case needs to be referred to the State Coroner. Your funeral director will liaise with the Coroner to make arrangements to bring the deceased person into their care. By contacting them early in the process, they can ensure your loved one is not forgotten in the system.